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Rodney and Denise were praying about starting a ranch here in Prescott in 2010. As they were working towards this goal, they were given a DVD from Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend, OR. They have seen about 50,000 kids and teach seminars on starting youth ranches. On the DVD Carrie Rocke was interviewed about her life experiences and how horses related. As Rodney and Denise watched this DVD, they recognized Carrie as a friend from the young group. Denise called Carrie to catch up after 10 years of not seeing each other. When all was said and done, both couples decided to meet out at the Crystal Peaks Seminar.

In May 2011, Rodney and Denise Steidinger from Prescott, Arizona and Jeff and Carrie Rocke from Taylor, Missouri met in Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch information clinic in Bend, Oregon. It was a training program for people developing a similar ministry. After this seminar, Jeff and Carrie came back to Prescott to talk to Prescott and Phoenix churches about “How horses help to heal hurting kids” Carrie spoke from experience as she was sexually abused by a boy at her school for 2 years, from the age of 14-15. After years of counseling with Apostolic Christians Counseling Service out of Morton, she felt like she needed to share what she learned with girls in similar situations. She started working with kids, women and combining them with horses. As Jeff and Carrie left Arizona that spring, Rodney felt a peace that they would be back to run the ranch here in Prescott. As Jeff drove home from the airport that day, he told his wife “I don’t think Taylor is our home anymore.” Two years later they strongly felt the direction of God to sell out and move to Prescott. Currently work is being done to remodel the ranch home to make it livable. Jeff and Carrie and another couple (Jared and Jen Haas) plan to move into the home by June 1 2013. Jeff and Jared are currently living in Prescott.

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, Rodney and Denise Steidinger attended a Focus on the Family Wait No More event near Phoenix, Arizona. At that event the message was that more than 350 children and youth in Arizona foster care are waiting for adoptive families. Arizona has more than 3,000 churches, and God has given clear commands for Christians to take care of His orphan children. So if the command is clear and the need is apparent, why are these kids still waiting? This event made known the American “orphans” who are trapped in a cycle of hopelessness, needing love, care and protection. We heard more about the kids, who are waiting, the process of adoption from foster care and ways to support adoptive families.

In June 2012, Rodney and Denise Steidinger took a 10-week class called PS-MAPP (Partnering for Safety and Permanence Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting) to obtain our foster care/adoption license through Arizona Children's Association. We are still in the process of our foster care licensing worker writing our home study.
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